• First Steps

    In 2012, ABRE Puerto Rico was born out of the restlessness of a group of Puerto Ricans in the diaspora with a deep interest in contributing to the island’s public debates.

  • Operations Begin

    The first Board of Directors is assembled, along with a team of advisors, focused on the dissemination of public data to the community, with the goal of promoting government transparency and accountability.

  • First Tool

    With the support of the Sunlight Foundation, ABRE designs and deploys Puerto Rico’s first open data platform.

  • Partnership with El Nuevo Dia

    A data partnership is forged with El Nuevo Dia, Puerto Rico’s foremost newspaper, to examine the proposed budget of the government of Puerto Rico. As a result, an interactive app is created that breaks down all budgetary expenditures between 1970 and 2015.

  • Campaign Finance Transparency

    A historic agreement - the first of its kind - is forged with the Electoral Comptroller’s Office (OEC) to publish all contributions to political campaigns in Puerto Rico. A digital tool is created for searching and visualizing these donations.

  • Municipal Fiscal Health Index

    ABRE launches the first municipal fiscal health index in Puerto Rico. For the first time, the financial statement of every municipality on the island is available online.

  • Municipal Fiscal Health Digital Portal

    With the support of The Knight Foundation, ABRE Puerto Rico builds an interactive application for the Municipal Fiscal Health Index.

  • Puerto Rico Decides

    ABRE Puerto Rico unites with GFR Media to create Puerto Rico Decides 2016, an informative space to provide nonpartisan information to voters during the election period.

  • Partnership with the Department of Education

    Another historic agreement - between ABRE Puerto Rico and the Department of Education - is signed, making an unprecedented level of information available publicly about the education system in Puerto Rico.

  • Alliance with the Banco Popular Foundation

    The Banco Popular Foundation signs an agreement with ABRE Puerto Rico to support the creation of the first ever school performance index, and a digital portal for easy access to data.

  • School Performance Index Launched

    A new digital tool is offered to the community, enabling citizens to intuitively evaluate the academic performance of public schools across Puerto Rico.

  • ABRE Tu Escuela II

    For the second consecutive year, the School Performance Index is launched. The newest edition of the online tool enables users to compare the performance of individual schools against previous year scores.

  • Municipal Fiscal Health Index IV

    For the fourth consecutive year, ABRE Puerto Rico launches its Municipal Fiscal Health Index, based on municipal finance data from the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

Joaco Villamil (002).png
ABRE Puerto Rico’s importance cannot be underestimated, or even limited to the individual projects the organization has completed. ABRE has shown all Puerto Ricans that, even with limited resources, we can generate positive change in society.
— Jose J. Villamil - Economist and President, Estudios Tecnicos, Inc.