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ABRE is a social innovation project that uses data science and technology to present and communicate public data, making it useful and accessible to every citizen in Puerto Rico.

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In 2012, ABRE Puerto Rico was born out of the restlessness of a group of Puerto Ricans in the diaspora with a deep interest in contributing to the island’s public policy discussions, using their great passions: technology and data analysis. One year later, ABRE was established formally as a nonprofit organization in Puerto Rico.

ABRE is a nonpartisan organization, focused on cultivating informed and active citizens in Puerto Rico. Through its programs, ABRE compiles and shares government data, using interactive technology for analysis and dissemination.

Since ABRE’s founding, its tools have been used by nonprofits, municipalities, federal and state agencies, and tens of thousands of citizens in Puerto Rico.

ABRE was initially financed by its founders, and made possible by the generous efforts and hard work of many volunteers. Since then, ABRE has received grants from the Knight Foundation, Sunlight Foundation, and The Banco Popular Foundation. To guarantee the independence of their work, ABRE does not receive funding from - or contract with - the government of Puerto Rico.

ABRE’s work towards achieving a culture of transparency and accountability in Puerto Rico’s public institutions is commendable. The wealth of information they provide and the level engagement they reach with their interactive tools facilitates informed decision-making in many ways. The Comptroller of Puerto Rico congratulates ABRE for their work, and hopes that it can continue to encourage a culture of accountability in the use of the Government’s resources.
— Yesmin M. Valdivieso, CPA Comptroller of Puerto Rico, (May 2010 - Present)

ABRE in the Press

ABRE has led the democratization of Puerto Rico’s political debates through its digital tools. Since the launch of their first project they’ve commanded the support and respect of the IT community in Puerto Rico. We hope that they continue to build new tools and break new barriers.
— Alberto Cordero, President, Puerto Rico Information Technology Cluster (2016-2018)