In 2002 he obtained a bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Puerto Rico, with a second concentration in Economics. In 2004 he completed his Masters in Public Policy at the University of Chicago. In 2011 he obtained a second master's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Strategic Management from the University of Miami. In 2017 he graduated as an attorney at the Law School of the University of Puerto Rico

He worked for the Senate of Puerto Rico, in the Chief Education Office of the Department of Public Schools of Chicago and as an Economist in H. Calero Consulting Group. In 2007 he joined the family business with his father and the business grew from 1 store and 80 employees to 5 stores and 750 employees. Today he is the CEO of the family business.

Among the most important achievements are: Treasurer of the Econo Supermarket Board of Directors, from 2011 to 2013; Increase business sales from $ 27 million in 2007 to $ 127 million in 2018; Being part of the Board of Directors of Econo since 2011, where the sales of the Chain are monitored ($ 1.6 billion per year), strategic plans and future expansion are established; In the 5 stores of Store Management System, the Econo To Go programs were launched (online store for delivery and collection of products), Tummelier (tool for wine selection assisted by a Virtual Sommelier); Development of the first Supermarket Operation Software in Puerto Rico, (Store Management Systems, LLC); Business profitability growth of $ 400,000 per year to $ 3.7 million; Business Diversification Supermarkets to the One Stop Shop concept, integrating the concepts of Coffee Shop, Cafeteria, Bakery and Confectionery, Flowers, Pharmacy and Recipe, Opticians, Nutrition Clinics and many other concepts to the Econo stores owned by Store Management Systems, LLC.

Currently, he is part of the Board of Directors of Supermarkets Econo and is past Treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Rico, and member of its Board of Directors. He has more than 10 years of experience in the retail market, marketing and financial industry. He is the proud father of Carlos Fabián and Alana Isabella Agosto.