Farasch L. Reyloz has extensive experience in the field of journalism and communications. For several years, she led the writing of El Nuevo Día, being in charge of teams of journalists, editors, content producers, graphic designers, digital content producers, columnists, editors, photojournalists and videographers.

Previously, she created the Research and Data Unit of GFR Media (El Nuevo Día y Primera Hora) and was for four years the editor in chief of that unit, where she led research teams consisting of data analysts, journalists, researchers and contractors specialized in Different disciplines

She has vast experience in coordinating management teams for the development of strategic plans on internal and external communications of companies and agencies. Provides advice in the area of risk analysis and evaluation regarding public perception of projects, areas of interest of the client or the image of the company, as well as in the development of strategies for crisis management. She has experience in coordination and creation of advisory teams with areas of varied expertise that can contribute to the design of strategic plans, for risk management or damage control.

She has also worked for private and public clients in the conceptualization and execution of media and social media plans. She has experience as a “media trainer”, preparing and training executives who need to be spokespersons for their companies or agencies in different forums.

Farasch has a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and another Bachelor's Degree in Comparative Literature. She also has a minor in classical languages. In addition, she studied Masters in Comparative Literature.