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In March 2018, ABRE launched a new digital tool for parents in Puerto Rico, “ABRE Tu Escuela” (“Open Your School”). It allows, for the first time, the evaluation of academic performance across Puerto Rico’s public school system, using standardized measures. The tool, an interactive index classifying all of Puerto Rico’s public schools by academic performance, allows parents, students, and teachers to understand how the quality of one school compares to others in the system.

Currently, the performance index is calculated based on standardized test scores, graduation rates, and College Board data. ABRE is currently working with the Puerto Rico Department of Education to add additional variables to the Index.



Interactive Portal (2019)

ABRE Tu Escuela

  • Provides detailed profiles of over 700 schools

  • Allows previous year comparisons to look for trends


School Performance Index Report (2018)

Download the Report

  • Outlines the methodology used in the development of the school performance index

  • Provides analyses of island-level school performance patterns and tendencies

  • Provides recommendations to the Department of Education for improving the quality and utilization of its data


Interactive Map (2018)

Explore the map

  • Visualizes Puerto Rico’s public schools by their performance

  • Illustrates geographical patterns in academic performance

  • Demonstrates which municipalities have the best and worst public schools



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— Beatriz Polhamus Lopez - Executive Director, Banco Popular Foundation